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Many thanks to everyone who has been visiting our blog and sending us questions and comments since we started up a little over two weeks ago. Now that information on the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant is becoming more widely available, we’re reducing the level of activity on our blog somewhat. We’ll continue to monitor your questions and comments and add to the content – posts, responses, and FAQs – but with less frequency than we did initially.

For those of you who have been following our blog please continue to visit or subscribe so that you are notified when new content is available.

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  1. miker613 says:

    I would very much appreciate more information on the leak. You said you would post updates, it’s been three days, and there have been some very alarming reports in the news since about radioactive water in tunnels beneath the reactors.

  2. says:


    Thanks for your posts on the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. They are extremely informative, yet written in everyday English.

    However, based on media reports, I beg to differ that the situation has ‘stabilised’ as it seems they have found plutonium, now have lots of radioactive water to get rid off, and salt from the seawater has solidified on the fuel, impeding cooling.

    Is it possible to explain what would likely happen if Reactor No.3 blew up? Will it lead to the entire plant blowing up?

    Thank you.

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